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The Prominent Role of National Judges in Interpreting the International Definition of Human Trafficking

Although there has been much discussion of the scope of the concept of human trafficking in international...

Publication | 20-05-2016

The victim of human trafficking as offender

Victims of human trafficking for labour are often exploited for years. But what happens if these victims are forced to...

Publication | 15-02-2017

Third report

Download of the third report of the Dutch National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings.

Report | 18-09-2007

Trafficking for exploitation outside the sex industry

This chapter focuses on exploitation in labour situations outside the sex industry ('other forms of exploitation'),...

Publication | 18-09-2007

Trafficking in human beings for the purpose of the removal of organs and forced commercial surrogacy

Study of the Dutch National Rapporteur on human trafficking for the purpose of the removal of organs and forced commercial...

Report | 04-12-2012

Trafficking in Human Beings. Visible and Invisible II. A quantitative report 2008-2012

Human traffickers usually do not operate alone. It is therefore essential to gain a clear picture of human trafficking...

Report | 17-06-2014

Trafficking in Human Beings. Visible and Invisible.

Last April, EU Home Affairs Commissioner Malström warned that the conviction rates in EU countries are generally decreasing....

Report | 07-11-2013

Trafficking in Human Beings: The concept of exploitation in the Dutch trafficking provision

This is a translation (of 8 January 2007) of 'Mensenhandel: het begrip uitbuiting in art. 273a Sr.', published in a magazine...

Publication | 18-09-2007

Victims of human trafficking still underreported

The gap between the number of reported victims and the total number of victims of human trafficking remains. Since 2015, the...

Report | 18-10-2018

Victims of Human Trafficking. Periodical Report 2012 2016. Summary

Domestic sex trafficking is the most common form of human trafficking in the Netherlands: each year there are approximately...

Report | 18-09-2018