Mission and ambition

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The National Rapporteur is dedicated to establishing a scientifically-based approach to combating human trafficking and sexual violence against children. Every person is entitled to protection against exploitation. Every child is entitled to protection of his or her sexual integrity. Shortcomings in that protection can not only have a seriously harmful effect for the individual, but also have a disruptive effect on society as a whole.

The National Rapporteur promotes efforts to combat trafficking in human beings and sexual violence against children in practice and in policies and legislation and endeavours to increase public awareness of the phenomena. He pursues this objective by conducting thorough research and by publishing reports in which he addresses relevant issues from a wide range of perspectives and translates developments in both the Netherlands and other countries into specific recommendations.


The National Rapporteur’s ambition is to create a society in which

  • there is general awareness of the nature and scale of trafficking in human beings and sexual violence against children;
  • prevention is focused on victims and offenders;
  • victims are recognized and protected;
  • offenders are apprehended and stopped;
  • policies are formulated on the basis of thorough research.